Eden21 provides specialist professional business support on waste and sustainable resource management. We work closely with our clients to identify and unlock resource efficiency opportunities, helping to future-proof business via applying practical circular economy thinking. We are an active member of BSI Committee SDS/1/10 Sustainable Resource Management.

Eden21 has developed a reputation for sound advice, ethical business practices and integrity across our client base. At all times we remain responsive and flexible to changes in our clients' requirements and priorities. We also collaborate via a network of recognised associates to develop innovative solutions and bring scale to project commissions.

From a Linear to a Circular Economy

Since the Industrial Revolution, economic activity has followed linear patterns of production and consumption (e.g. 'take-make-use-throw'); supported by cheap and plentiful virgin resources (e.g. ores and minerals etc.) However, the ‘business as usual’ model is being increasingly challenged by: escalating global resource demand, depletion of cheap and high-quality resources (e.g. copper), market volatility and environmental limits for releases into the biosphere.

Creating a circular economy is much more than making the existing linear economy more resource efficient; instead it requires systemic change to decouple revenue from resource consumption. Such industrial systems are restorative by design and operation, where biological nutrients (e.g. food waste) are returned to the biosphere, and technical nutrients (e.g. steel) circulate at high quality, without entering the biosphere.

Developing a circularity culture and working with supply chain stakeholders has increasing potential to unlock exciting business opportunities and proactively shape the future, rather than running the risk of having more reactive change imposed. New and disruptive business models (e.g. products as services) are being developed to bring more sustainable management of resources across products and services.


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